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Accounting Department

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Accounts Inspection Section

    Accounts Inspection Section

    • *Educational training and supervision of the county's accounting personnel (including full-time and part-time).
    • *Coaching people belonging to the county to build a complete accounting system and to develop accounting functions.
    • *Handling the organizational establishment of this institution and the accounting and statistical units belonging to it, as well as appointments and dismissals, promotions and transfers, evaluations and reviews, punishments and rewards, training, and further education.
    • * Dealing with affairs such as pensions and relief compensations.
    • *Review and compilation of the final and overall accounting reports.
    • *Review and determination of daily income and expenditure reports, monthly income and expenditure reports, and finalized accounting income and expenditure receipts.
    • * Review and determination of each agency, school, village hall, town hall's accounting reports as well as checking and follow-up.
    • *Review, sign-off and determination of the transfer of form books.
    • *Review and sign-off of cases related to agency and school property gains or losses.
    • *Compiling, checking, and determining accounting receipts